Monday, September 24, 2007

Iowa City West, Class of '98, Ten Year Reunion

To The I.C. West Class of 1998,

We will have a ten year reunion sometime during the summer of 2008. It will most likely take place over a random weekend in June. In reviewing the past few reunions of the classes that graduated before us, this seems to be the usual pattern of things. I suggested Memorial Day weekend, but apparently many of you have active social and family lives and will be doing other things that weekend. And I am okay with that.

So, please check back to this space sometime this winter. I will look in to possible places to hold an event or events and will gladly take suggestions as to what you would like to do. I am thinking about some sort of Saturday afternoon event in the out-of-doors as well as some sort of evening drinks.

Feel free to respond to this post below or email me at

-Matt Morriss


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