Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Class of '98 Reunion: Labor Day 2008

We will indeed, despite my laziness and procrastination, have a ten-year reunion. It will take place over Labor Day weekend. So far, I only have events for Saturday, August 30. If other people would like to do more, perhaps we can figure something out, but I thought people might like the rest of the weekend to do things with family (if they have any in town these days) and/or with particular people from our class outside of the group events.

So, the events are as follows:

Saturday, August 30 from noon to 5 pm: Picnic and grill-out at City Park. I have reserved two shelters near the ponds and the outdoor theater. This event will be BYO-everything. Get in touch with some people and bring whatever you would like to grill or eat. Not sure what the alcohol policy is in City Park, so check that out on your own and keep your flasks in your pockets. That said, I envision this as a more family-friendly event, so, yeah...

Saturday, August 30 from 9 pm to 2am: Drinks at the upstairs section of the Airliner. I wrote my credit card info on a bar tab and gave it to a dude who purported to be in charge at the Airliner, so hopefully we will have it reserved when I call back in a month or two. I do not envision this as a family-friendly event, so, yeah...

And there it is. Our ten-year reunion. Glorious. Email me if you have questions: morriss0_0_6@hotmail.com

-Matt Morriss



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